Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I've Been Tagged

I have been tagged by Lakia. I have not been blogging for a while, a lot has been going on with friends and family so I have been quite distracted. Bear with me while I attempt to post the rules and tell you a little about myself.

Rule #1- Link to the person that tagged you

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#3- Share 6 non important things/habits/quirks about yourself

#4- Tag 6 random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.

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As for me, here are a few items that may or may not be of interest...

1- I attended a boarding high school in Pennsylvania. I consider that special because it was like being in college 4 years earlier than I should havebeen. I learned so much about myself, became independant and still have the same friends to this day and we are very close.

2- I was in Essence Magazine in the September issue of 1973 or was it 1974?? I was 11 years old, sporting an afro with Richard Roundtree (John Shaft). The spread was intoducing plaid as the fashion statement. Susan Taylor was our neighbor in NYC She and my mother became very good friends and to this day she calls me "Wendi Cakes".

3- I served in the US Army and was a true Private Benjamin when I entered. I met my DH of almost 20 years while serving. We will celebrate 20 years on Feb 14, 2008.

4- I was supposed to be the first black Barbara Walters! Where the heck did Oprah come from?? That was really my dream in HS. I went off to college and majored in Communications but quickly realized that folk that had a degree in Communications were not working in their field. I didn't like school that much to spend 4 years and not have the job of my dreams so what did I do?? I changed my major to Nursing. Not as glamorous as Oprah's job but just as rewarding!

5- I do not have a middle name. That is something that has always bothered me. My mother has one and my father does not. It plagued me so that at the age of 13, my uncle Stephan gave me one and I have used it officially on some occasions. The middle name is Caulette which he and I both thought sounded good with Wendi..... As a result, I gave both of my children middle names Ryan Alexander and Ross Avery. Love that!!!

6- I am a loyal friend, almost to a fault and I love to share good finds and information and give people things that I think will make them happy and it doesn't have to be an occasion. Is that so special? I don't know but I consider it one of my better qualities.

Well that's it for now unless someone tags me again. I am tagging Salt and Pepper Diva, Onyxcherry, Goodnapps, Aminacake, Chocolocs and Sophia.

I Finally Washed My Hair

Okay, so in a few of my other posts, I admitted that I was afraid to wash my own hair due to anxiety with this braiding and banding procedure. Well, last friday, I had no choice but to tackle it. After all, it had been too many weeks and I was beginning to feel ashamed.

I decided early on to set it on smooth curlers to see what effect I would get. I loosely braided my hair in sections and banded the ends as instructed. I was using the knotty boy soap bar for the first time so I wet the bar and my hair and attempted to rub the bar into my hair to get some good lather going. To my disappointment, there wasn't much lathering going on at all. Trying to scrub and lather when your hair is all twisted up is and was almost impossible for me. I had my girlfriend on speakerphone while I made my feeble attempt and I was getting more and more frustrated. I wound up undoing my hair and going for it! I saturated my head with water and proceeded to wash it like I would have with it out. That totally worked for me. I am now joining the group of "I don't braid and band and never will" women. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Meanwhile, after washing and not having any slippage, I proceeded to roll it up on my smooth green and yellow curlers that I had originally given to my girlfriend and like an indian giver asked for them back. (thank God for friends that understand you) The set was fabulous but when I was done, I looked in the mirror at all of these rollers and realized that I was NOT going to sleep in them nor did I feel like sitting under the dryer for it was now going on 10pm. So what did I do you ask??? I took out each roller and replaced it with a sponge roller that I new I could sleep on. ( I never gave those away) My hair had already started to dry to my surprise so I figured I could get away with the overnite hair dry thing. You may be asking why I didn't use those in the first place?? I have several answers for that but they are all stupid so I will spare you. The bottom line is that it's done and the next morning it came out quite nice, tight but nice. I worked with it trying to get ready for church. My DH was being consecrated as an Elder that day at church so it was a truly special day. We had a lot going on and never got to take any pics of the do after all of that! Oh well, it was his day, not mine so it's all good. Just know that when I came to work on the following Monday, my co-worker and fellow sisterlocked friend called me Little Orphan Annie... I will leave the rest to your imagination.