Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I'm back and ready to show my face again! While trolling the sites last nite I was inspired by Blaq's video of MJB's "Work That" How did she know that was one of my current favorites and why the heck didn't I think to do that first?? LOL! Whateva the case, it truly made me smile and I needed to smile last nite.

Truth is, I really don't feel good about my hair. It looks and feels so different to me. I hate how it looks when I free style. I either need to do a braid out or set it on rollers in order for me to really feel comfortable. I just wish I didn't have the comparison. I am in my 7th week and just had a retightening on last friday. It has grown some and my gray is sprouting at the roots. You can still see a lot of parts as well especially in the front. I am hoping that as it grows back in and begins to expand that I will get the look I am looking for which is fullness and volume. I still mourn my volume, I lost a great deal of hair on that takedown fiasco. Okay enough of that negative talk.

As stated earlier, I still look at everyone's blog and Blaq's is always so inspiring and positive. Talk about loc envy...... the words to MJB's song got me to thinking that I just need to work what I've got and it's not bad, just different from before. I have going thru a true transformation when it comes to my health and body so it's all new and I feel good about the changes that I have made and continue to make. I have lost 13lbs and I am walking everyday (well almost, my girl Gina had to drag me out today) I have not had any animal flesh or dairy since March 30. My sugar intake is minimal, I have not had caffiene or any such substance and I feel great! I still have quite a journey but I am committed. I am waiting for my lab results from the program I was in to see if my cholesterol decreased in number.

Summer is coming (I think, hell, it was 51 degrees this morning on this late May Day) and I just would like to be able to shed a few more lbs and wear some armless stuff! Been longtime since I was able to do that. I have been drinking my wheatgrass smoothies each morning and taking Biotin???? Maybe that will do something.

So, here's the deal. I am going to STOP lamenting about my perception of my "look" and embrace all that I am right now. God is good and has blessed me tremendously and I just need to stop but I had to get it out one more time. The fact that I posted pics is a miracle. I am back and prepared to blog consistently again.

Thanx to all of you that encouraged me along this particular phase. I pray that I can now turn the tables and be an inspiration to someone else along the way.