Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I'm back and ready to show my face again! While trolling the sites last nite I was inspired by Blaq's video of MJB's "Work That" How did she know that was one of my current favorites and why the heck didn't I think to do that first?? LOL! Whateva the case, it truly made me smile and I needed to smile last nite.

Truth is, I really don't feel good about my hair. It looks and feels so different to me. I hate how it looks when I free style. I either need to do a braid out or set it on rollers in order for me to really feel comfortable. I just wish I didn't have the comparison. I am in my 7th week and just had a retightening on last friday. It has grown some and my gray is sprouting at the roots. You can still see a lot of parts as well especially in the front. I am hoping that as it grows back in and begins to expand that I will get the look I am looking for which is fullness and volume. I still mourn my volume, I lost a great deal of hair on that takedown fiasco. Okay enough of that negative talk.

As stated earlier, I still look at everyone's blog and Blaq's is always so inspiring and positive. Talk about loc envy...... the words to MJB's song got me to thinking that I just need to work what I've got and it's not bad, just different from before. I have going thru a true transformation when it comes to my health and body so it's all new and I feel good about the changes that I have made and continue to make. I have lost 13lbs and I am walking everyday (well almost, my girl Gina had to drag me out today) I have not had any animal flesh or dairy since March 30. My sugar intake is minimal, I have not had caffiene or any such substance and I feel great! I still have quite a journey but I am committed. I am waiting for my lab results from the program I was in to see if my cholesterol decreased in number.

Summer is coming (I think, hell, it was 51 degrees this morning on this late May Day) and I just would like to be able to shed a few more lbs and wear some armless stuff! Been longtime since I was able to do that. I have been drinking my wheatgrass smoothies each morning and taking Biotin???? Maybe that will do something.

So, here's the deal. I am going to STOP lamenting about my perception of my "look" and embrace all that I am right now. God is good and has blessed me tremendously and I just need to stop but I had to get it out one more time. The fact that I posted pics is a miracle. I am back and prepared to blog consistently again.

Thanx to all of you that encouraged me along this particular phase. I pray that I can now turn the tables and be an inspiration to someone else along the way.


Amina said...

I can tell you lost weight! You look great! I know the diet change makes you feel different all around, right?

I'm not gonna TRY to convince you that your hair looks great, because I understand (even though it does). I still don't really like to freestyle. I feel like my hair is really flat these days. And even though people compliment my hair frequently, I don't see it. It's all about what you're comfortable with. And loc envy, I guess. I don't think my hair looks as good as the longtime bloggers....but I have to remember that they are longtime loc'ers too.

I guess I'll blog soon, I've been too busy to upload pics and such.

Anyways, keep up the good work, the locks will directly reflect what you put into your body.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the weight loss and staying committed!!! Can't wait til you hear how much your cholesterol has improved.

You still need to keep in mind, you've only been re-locked for 7 weeks. It's gonna take some time for your locks to settle. I love the way your locks look and the way they frame your face.

Loc Envy seems inevitable in the Sisterlock community. Since every head is different you may prefer one's color or one's length or one's thickness, etc..

I'm happy to hear your spirits are up.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, so glad you back and fighting. Sometimes I think we can focus too much on all the photo`s we see with lovely locs and forget that they didn`t start off that way.

Lakia said...

You and your hair is fabulous! The pictures of you are so gorgeous. Embrace YOU!

Salt-n-Pepper Diva said...

Your weight loss is becoming and congratulations! Losing weight can be very difficult I know. Welcome back to the blogging world and your hair really does look good.

CarmenNC said...

Welcome back!!! I was on BlaqKofi's site last night getting a pick me. LOL. I really haven't taken that much pictures since my second set. I haven't retightened them all the way to the root because of the spaces. I lost my volume and a lot of length from cutting again too. Keep exercising, living healthy, and blogging.

NappTown said...

I can really see the weight loss. You look great! I personally love your hair. I am sure soon you will too. Your locks are still just babies they will thicken up just you wait and see. I went through a stage were I did not like free styling either. I would always do the braid out or curls because to me my hair looked wild and unruly. But then my hair changed. And yours will too just give it time. Glad to see you are back blogging.

Katrina said...

You always say how others are such an inspiration but I dont think you realize how much of an inspiration you are. Since day one I have been reading your blog - cried with you, laughed with you, and with even ready to fight with you when you were left waiting for your stylist. You are truly a beautiful women with a great personality. This I know and have never met you in person. It is because you are beautiful within that you are beautiful on this outside. Continue to work what you got!

Amba said...

Glad you are back Wendi. I missed your blog posts dearly. Congrats on the weight loss and for being such an inspiration with your candid sharing. I definitely identify with bad hair days, so I'm sure you struck a cord with many.

Eyedinity said...

I'm Eyedinity and I came across your blog and darn near read the whole thing since your 1st post.

I just wanted to say that I'm going through a take down right now to start a 2nd set of locks. I ended up settling for a set of locks when I really wanted SLs. It has taken me 3 1/2 weeks. I spoke to my soon to be SL consultant so, I will be joining the family soon.

Also, as others have said, you have a beautiful set of locks. Now with wearing hats everyday to cover the half loose, half locked hair totally gives me loc envy seeing you. I love your photos and you inspire me even though my hands are cramped from taking down my hair, to keep going.

I wish you the best...

Wendi aka "Wendosa" said...

Wow! Such lovely comments. I thank you all so much. It's so nice to know how others view you. Women can tend to be hard on themselves and I have been guilty of that lately (for many reasons)but....I'm back in the swing and frankly too darn old to trip like I have been over some hair! Peace and Blessings to you all.

QueenLi said...

To me, you look nice, very nice... however, YOU have to comfortable with being "YOU!"
As for me, I {too} am starting to feel uncomfortable with the way my hair looks, soooo, I did something about it... but, you have to stop by my blog in late AUG. '08 to see the new pics. :)

Take care~

QueenLi said...

P.S. I couldn't wait until AUG. so I have my pics up now.
BTW, your pics look nice, very nice.

Take Care~

BlaqKofi said...

Wendi, thank you so much for that thoughtful shout out. I'm embarrased that I just now read it. But I know you know how it is, I can barely update my blog, let alone find time to read others like I used to. But you are indeed, inspiring. If you'll go back to my first six months - even first year of SL, you'll find that I NEVER freestyled. I hated the way my hair looked. I felt it was unruly. I ALWAYS wore a braid out or curls. One day my consultant suggested that I stop worrying about not freestyling. She said, perhaps styled is your way of wearing your locks. There's no rule that says you have to freestyle. Afterall, that's the beauty of Sisterlocks - whatever, whenever, however. Based on your recent pics, your locks have thickened and they are looking beautiful as are you. I'm at three years and I still style my hair, very seldom do I freestyle and I'm find with that. Embrace your journey and embrace you. Stay strong my sister and remember, work what you got!

Much love, BlaqKofi