Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What Ever Happened to Good Service??

So, I had a scheduled appt today to get my hair colored prior to getting this new set of sisterlocs. My appt was scheduled from last friday for 3:30pm. I went to work early just so I could get off and be done for the day. I called the stylist (I am a longstanding client, loyal and have sent her many referrals btw) to see if she was ready for me. No answer... not a problem, she is busy with someone else and can't get to the phone. I get to the salon and lo and behold, the door is locked with a closed sign on it and the clock saying will return at 3:30. Okay, take a deep breath because at this point it is 3:42 and no sign of her. It's dark in the shop that I am now peeping in and there are no signs of life. I get back in the car. I fidget, I say to myself, she's just running behind. I call my girlfriend Daena and we have a running joke... We start the converstion by saying "Note to self".......blah blah blah. Well my note to self was "when you make an appt and you get there and no one is waiting for you, how long do you wait?" It is now 3:55 and I am getting pissed. We lament about folk and how they do ya and I decide to just wait. After all, what else is there to do?? I have a afro puff that I can't even comb thru and my SL "consultation" is tomorrow at noon and I have dark black and gray roots that are NOT cute. I need some color!!! So, I wait. I proceed to call 2 other friends that share in my grief and whoa is me. We swap stories about hair stylists and nail technicians and people who just have no consideration for your time but God forbid you are late!!! Major attitude and such.

I call my DH (who at this point thinks I am insane over this hair drama but still loves me just the same). I don't know what I expected him to say but he listened as I went off. I went so far as to tape a note on the door because after all, at some point I would have to actually leave ya think?? Then, a young guy comes to the door and is looking for her as well. I roll down my window and badger him as to what services he was expecting and what time. He stated that she had been there earlier and told him that she would call him when she got back to the shop. I guess he didn't get a call and decided to just come because surely she must have forgotten. He said that she was supposed to color his hair as well. Meanwhile, I'm saying to myself, well at least she was here at some point and the clock is still ticking........... Finally, I'm on the phone again with yet another friend and she drives up and leisurely gets out of the car. I roll out of my durango and this is how the conversation went.

Me: Hey, what's up, I had a 3:30. It's now 4:45..

Her: Oh, I thought you were gonna call me...

Me: Call you?? We made an appt on friday nite. I sat in your chair while you combed me out and trimmed me and we decided to wait to do the color since my head was so tender from the takedown.

Her: Oh, I forgot to write it down and I don't even have your color. If I do it , it will be dark.
Me: (seething now with much attitude and tone) What do you mean you don't have the color and no, it won't be dark. I want the color that I have. My initial appt was for last Sat morning. What were you going to do then? (I'm thinkin she's trying to play me now)

Her: (With absolutely no remorse or feeling) Well, let me see if I have enough. Sit down and let me see your new growth. (she's fiddling and sectioning as my shoulders are hunching)
Me: Well?? Whats the deal?

Her: (she goes in her room of tricks and shuffles things around) I don't have enough. It's only 3 ounces and that won't be enough to do it properly. (then nothing)

Me: Okay, here's the deal. I made an appt with you. You forgot, didn't write it down, whateva. This was the day that was set aside for me to get my damn hair colored and I don't have time to reschedule or any such thing. Now I'm not sure what's going on with you but this is not a good week for me and I am ready for it to be over. Coloring my hair was part of the process so tell me what you need. Where do you get the color?

Her: In Laurel at Davidson's.

Me: (desperate now for real) Do you need me to go and get it???

Her: (hesitantly) I would have to call and see if they have it in stock (does she really want to do my hair??? Does she hate me?) I also have a 5:30 client coming in so I really can't go.

Me: Okay, go ahead and call. (standing now with lips poked out and a scowl on my face.)

Her: (On the phone) Blah blah blah, oh, you don't have it?...... Okay....

Me: (In my mind WTF??) Is there another store in the area?

Her: It's too far.

Me: I'll be the judge of that. Where is it?

Her: Rockville..... I have to call and see.

Me: Hell, I can get to Rockville. It's only 5pm (rush hour....beltway... hell.) What time do they close? Call them.

Her: (on the phone) Blah blah, oh you do. Okay what do you need ? Oh my card number and license. Oh... well I'm sending someone to get it. Can I give her the info?

Me: What's the address? Oh okay I know where that is. (snatch the card and jump in the car)

I'm high tailing it on the beltway and I'm cussin mad. I can't beleive that it has come to this. I'm a slave to the system. I am jacked all the way around. I had some fake out SL's that have been taken down and I can't even get this steel wool colored. I've reached a new low. I called my girlfrend back and told her to just go buy a gun and shoot me the next time she sees me and not to worry, just tell them at my funeral that I asked you to take me out of my misery. It's ok. You won't go to jail. That is truly the way I felt. I am 46 years old with all of the hair drama... What does this mean?

So, I pick up the stuff which btw, only costs $5.99 per tube... They then charge you $100 to apply it... but I guess that's the American way. I drive back around the beltway in traffic (it was moving thank God) to her shop. There is no one there in her chair..what happened to the 5:30 client. Did they ever exist? I've been played for sure.

Her: Come on and sit down. Thank you for doing that Wendi. Go ahead, cuss me out. I'm just not having a good day. I didn't write it down.

Me: Whatever, I'm not having a good WEEK, let alone day. Just do my hair please.

And the rest as they say, is history. Hair colored. Chit chat. She charged me $5. I paid $22 for 2 tubes of color and some other stuff that she had them set aside. I am glad it's over but I felt like you know what. The things we do in the name of hair.. or is it vanity? I think it's survival. When your hair is jacked, so are you. That's my story and I'm stickin to it.


Amina said...

Oh hell to the naw! At least you got your hair colored. I would have been fighting mad if she charged me her regular would have been me and her! Do you know where the Davidson's is in Laurel? I need to go there, badly, and get some supplies (for me--not my office, I have an addiction to OPI)

Allecia said...

What a nightmare! At least you finally got your hair colored. I was afraid that you were going to get back from getting the color to find that she had left again.

Happy, Nappy, & Free To Be Me said...

Okay...I've got your back when you're ready to take this chic down in a brawl. That's crazy!! Hopefully all will be well with the new locks and you'll be able to someday look back on all of this drama and laugh. In the meantime, you should consider writing a novel b/c this post was too funny!

Wendi aka "Wendosa" said...

Thanx for the support my sistas! Amina-
Davidsons is in Laurel on 198 up by Target on the street side. You can only see it from 198. You have to have a cosmetology license to purchase there so you would have to pull some strings. She had a card that looked like a discount card with a special number on it. Good luck with that.
I am looking forward to meeting Natalie. I did see her in the SL book and compared her install to her now 8 year locs. Just fabulous.We'll see. I kinda think it will all be anti-climatic at this point. I want it over with. I'm not what you would call excited. Especially as I'm shelling out money like I got it like that......

Anonymous said...

Oh me oh my. I have had a few experiences like that and each time I have said to myself never again. But we are who we are and we will keep doing this and giving these people our business and we think next time it will be different. I have the grey roots and they really could do with doing but not quite ready for the salon drama right now. I`m glad you got it done and hope the sisterlock installation won`t be like this.

I know it`s awful and all that but your face in the pic did make me smile. I just fell down the stairs in front of my ex husband and his father and your picture was just what I needed to get over the embarrasment.

Lakia said...

Oh Wendi... Don't worry it will get better from here. I am glad that you were able to get your hair colored and can't wait to see your new set of locks.

Salt-n-Pepper Diva said...

Oh My Goodness Wendi....I had no idea such drama was brewing! From your pictures I loved your SL! But after the take down,color and another instillation session I know that you have to be truly through!

Your post was funny (great way to vent!) But I feel for ya! You had better post about the new set of locks.

Free P. said...

Awww man, we were supposed to be SL buddies and share our lock-versaries! Well I'm sorry that your locks didn't turn out right and I'm glad that you're not giving up based on a bad experience. Well I'm coming up on my 4th month and will post new pics soon. I'm sure your DH will get a lot of shots of the new set.

Anonymous said...


While i could feel your pain, I have to say that I have been laughing out loud right here in my office. The others in my hall must be wondering what is wrong with me. I totally support the SL thing.

I'm wondering if you are not experiencing the same drama that us perm/weave/braid-heads are dealing with. We can't seem to win!

Hang in there while I build the courage to "free my mind and loc my hair". Dawn

gettinhot said...

What the?!?!? Is there no end to what we must endure for the sake of this dang hair?! Girl.... Wen, I am feeling for you, but applaud you for having the courage to push through this and share for those of us who will come behind.

NappTown said...

LOL! You had me cracking up. At least you still have a sense of humor through it all. At this point things will only get better. Like I said in your last post.....stay encouraged.

DressBlue said...

HELP!!! This is Wendi's DH. Would somebody, anybody please jump into the fray and help me convince by absolutely beautiful wife not to UnDo her hairDo for a second time around. She is moping (sp?) around the house complianing that her "Do" is not as nice as it was before "The Great Undo'ng" two weeks ago.

Amina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wendi aka "Wendosa" said...

Okay,DH has lost his mind! I can't believe he posted! I am NOT going to take my new locs down. I am however a bit depressed about how it looks now. Not a reflection of Natalie's work at all. Her work is impeccable. I just lost a great deal of hair and volume and to ME you can really tell. It just looks MUCH different than it did before and I have 100 less locs. That tells you how much hair I lost. I am just grieving now. This has been more than a notion and I am just wondering if it was worth it. I am not as happy as I was the first time. It's just too much. Not sure when I am going to post pics. Not sure I really want to hear the comments at this point. My DH must have reacted to all of my complaining. No way will I take down ever again. I will cut it all off before I ever go through that ordeal again.

Salt-n-Pepper Diva said...

AWWWWWWW BABY! Please calm down and take a step back. You had them done correctly and just give it 1 month before you change your mind. I know the hair drama can be emotionally draining. Believe me I know.

After I was first locked, my BF told me to leave it alone for 60 days and get some headbands that were wide in the front. He has not heard me whine or moan about my hair since then.

I must say that if YOU looked THAT GOOD with jacked locks, imagine how FABULOUS you will LOOK with them done correctly. Just give it some time.

Just my .02 cents

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it's not as bad as you think. How many locks do you have now? There was a time it was all about the number for me. I got depressed when my consultant had to combine a couple since my small count was getting even smaller. What I have realized is, my consultant knew what she was doing and my goal has always been to have healthy locks. What's the use of having 500 locks if they're not healthy? I also recall you stating your locks would matte together and you would have a hard time getting them apart, it's possible this was occurring before due to your locks being too small.

Give this new 'do' a chance. I'm sure it looks great. You already know the install and first couple months can be the hardest if you let it. You now have a healthy set of Sisterlocks, that have been done correctly, and all good will happen from here on in.

Think of it this will no longer:
-have matted hair that you can't pull apart
-not have true Sisterlocks
-have too many locks in your head
-have to cringe when a hairdresser asks you who did your locks.
-feel uneasy and uncomfortable with the way your locks feel to you

I think once your locks have settled a bit you'll be just as or even more in love with this set.

Keep your head up..

Naturally Sophia said...

Meikmeika took the words outta my mouth. It will get better!

sunsail said...

Day-um!!! That is SOME drama. Nah, son, I would have driven my black ass from that parking lot, never to be seen by her again. I don't play that. You, my dear, have the patience of Job. I mean, did she even offer an apology???

I'm in MD too. I'm planing on coloring my hair towards the end of the year... let me know what salon this was so I WON'T go there, lol!

And how do you manage to get such professional pictures?? You and your locks look great!

P. J. Lipscomb said...

Wendi, This is my first time at your site. You did a wonderful job and your hair love marvelous. Regardless of the trials and tribulations. Stand strong! Pam

PS For real Sunsail! May we have the down low on the camera you used to take your pictures please!

Ms. L said...

I must say that I've read many crazy hair stories on different blogs, but I think yours is truly the funniest...I can't stop laughing :) :) :) :) Listen sista, I am a hair dresser and I would have never done you like that..That was really WRONG!!! That woman must have lost her cotton picking mind to try and get rid of you after she showed up late. She doesn't realize that there are women that would have taken her out for that crazy stunt she tried to pull..Shoot..We(women)can do some real damage, if the hair ain't laying right for the next day..LOL...
Thanks for the best belly laugh I've had in a while...It was good therapy. Your locs look FABULOUS!!

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DesireeLiann said...

THIS is an awesome story. Tragic, indeed..but awesome.